The Kindred Spirits: River's Revenge

River’s Revenge is book 3 in the Kindred Spirits Book series. It can be read on its own, but is best read after River’s Return and Life After Death. If you love exciting characters, unexpected romance, non stop action, a book that will take you on an adventure that spans two worlds and loosing sleep over a good book, then Rivers pick up The Kindred Spirits River’s Revenge Today!!


The Kindered Spirits: Life After Death

River Jordan is a restless soul who refuses to surrender to his destiny. A spirit trapped between heaven and hell, he awaits his fate in a black hole ruled by a group called the Gatekeepers and by Ivy, a tortured yet powerful soul who has made it her mission to uphold the laws of the universe. Despite the voice
s who try to stop him, River manages to escape and follow a dream back in time into his living body-unaware that someone else is following him.

The Kindered Spirits: River’s Return

Imagine having a recurring dream about your brother’s death. Then imagine finding that your brother’s death was not the end, but the beginning of a journey as you come face to face with him and your dreams become reality. That’s exactly what happens to Xavier Jordan. And Xavier’s future, his life, lies in the hands of his dead brother, River. The Kindred Spirits: River’s Return takes you on an adventure that spans two worlds – an adventure full of action, mystery, intrigue and suspense. The Kindred Spirits: River’s Return is exciting, intriguing and suspense-filled with enough nonstop action to satisfy science-fiction lovers of all ages.



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